Welcome to my new Wiki. Like many of you, this is my first Wiki and I have enjoyed the experience and challenge of developing my skills using this technology. For the purposes of our assessment in E-Learning, we are required to create a Wiki but not required to use this technology (at this stage) for our course. Along with some of my colleagues, I thought this might be a great chance to create a social web of students to construct a list of attention getting strategies to use in the classroom.

During the remainder of this term I will endeavour to enter attention and settling strategies, and hopefully you will contribute to this information to create a comprehensive list of strategies we can all print out and use in our classrooms. So feel free to add something at anytime .

Kellie ----


Silent Ball

All students stand behind their desks and are instructed not to talk. A small ball is thrown to a student of their own choosing. The students continue to throw the ball around the room until there is only one student remaining. When students are out they have to sit down.

1. Students are not allowed to talk or they are out.
2. The ball must be thrown under hand or they are out.
3. The throw must be deemed a good throw or the thrower is out.
4. If the ball is dropped the student is out.
5. The ball can not be thrown back to the student who just threw the ball or they are out. (unless they are the last two)

If the game goes for too long, add some further rules.
1. Catch with only one hand.
2. Throw with left hand.
3. 3 second rule.

This Activity has a calming impact on the students and works very well at settling a class before moving on.